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From the first appearance of the surname Nisbet, in twelfth century Berwickshire, Nisbets and Nesbitts (in at least 40 variant spellings) have spread throughout the world: first to Edinburgh and Ayrshire, then to England, Ireland, and continental Europe, and since to North America and Australasia and elsewhere.

Luckily many of the doings of our ancestors have found their way into the printed word, both by the activities of Nesbitt/Nisbet genealogists (an active breed since the seventeenth century), and when the activities of Nesbitt/Nisbets have been sufficiently distinguished (or criminal!) to attract the historian. We are also fortunate that our Scottish forebears also built to last: we can still see the fortified houses at Nisbet and Craigantinnie, and Nisbet of Dirleton's House in Edinburgh; even where buildings have gone, past antiquarians have preserved relics such as the painted ceiling and armorial stones of Dean House.

In compiling this guide to Nesbitt/Nisbets "in print" I have had two aims: firstly, to ensure that anyone researching N/N ancestry can easily locate anything that has already been written on their branch, thus avoiding duplication of research, and secondly, to encourage us all to read more widely around our family history. Whether or not one has been able to trace a direct link with Sir Alexander Nisbet of that Ilk, all with Nesbitt/Nisbet roots will be fascinated by the account of his trials and tribulations in the English civil war (in Nisbet of that Ilk). Similarly, the accounts of the Irish and American Nisbets are closely linked to much wider patterns of emigration that are of more general interest.


I have defined the scope of this bibliography as all books and articles that contain any substantial Nesbitt/Nisbet material. The raw material of genealogy is excluded: primary sources, such as indexes to charters and civil records, and mere brief mentions in directories. After some hesitation, I have included the long list of American genealogies held in the Family History library, Salt Lake City, in which Nisbet/Nesbitts are mentioned (however briefly), but I have placed these in a separate list of "associated families".

For this revised edition I have added some 50 extra references. Few of these directly concern family history; most are memoirs or biographies.


Most of the material I list is out-of-print. However, with judicious use of the public library system, most of it can be read quite easily. Journal articles are the easiest: an "Inter-library loan" request to your local library will usually produce a photocopy promptly and cheaply. Libraries can usually obtain commercially published books by inter-library loan for you to read. Older books (pre-1900), and privately published works are more difficult. For these, a trip to a major library may be necessary. However, many publications are also available for reading on microfilm at Family History Centres in Mormon churches worldwide.


Some attempt has been made to indicate where particular books can be found. I have not systematically checked catalogues, and the absence of a given location does NOT mean that the book is absent from that library.

BL British Library, London. EC Edinburgh Central Library, Edinburgh. FHL Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. LC Library of Congress, Washington D.C. NLS National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh. SOG Society of Genealogists, London.


The Nesbitt/Nisbet Society will be very glad to know of corrections and additions to this list; similarly, any information on the N/N holdings of libraries anywhere in the world will be welcome. Please write to the United Kingdom Society at the address inside the cover.


The works listed in this catalogue have been located by checking the standard bibliographies listed below, and by looking at a wide range of indexes, library catalogues and references in books.

BARROW, G.B. 1977. The genealogist's guide. London: Research Publishing Co.

Burke's family index. London: Burke's Peerage, 1976.

FERGUSON, Joan P.S. 1986. Scottish family histories. Edinburgh: National Library of Scotland.

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------------------- Supplement 1972-76.

MARSHALL, G.W. 1903. The genealogist's guide. Guildford: privately published.

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WHITMORE, J.B. 1953. A genealogical guide. London: privately published.


BRITISH LIBRARY Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG

Contains virtually everything on this list, but delivery is slow and photocopying very expensive.

EDINBURGH CITY CENTRAL LIBRARY George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EG Tel: 0131-225 5584

The Scottish room and Edinburgh room have a fair collection of genealogical material: some on open shelves, available for loan; some on closed shelves available for reference. Gloomy surroundings, unhappy staff and expensive copying. Useful in that some books can be borrowed, but otherwise I recommend using the National Library of Scotland across the road?

FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150. Tel: 801-240 2331

The world's largest collection of genealogical information, maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Books in the library's collections which are out of copyright, or for which a microfilm waiver has been given (such as this booklet) can be seen on microfilm at Family History Centres attached to Mormon churches worldwide (see in your phone directory under "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW Tel: 0131-226 4531

An excellent, helpful library with most of the N/N publications listed in this bibliography. Open to all; applications for readers' tickets are easy and processed on the spot.

SCOTTISH GENEALOGY SOCIETY 15 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL. Tel: 0131-220 3677

Very useful for primary records, but only a few N/N books. Ring beforehand to check opening hours.

NESBITT/NISBET SOCIETY PUBLICATIONS As a matter of policy, the UK branch of the Nesbitt/Nisbet Society deposits one copy of all its publications (i.e. those in the numbered series) in the following libraries: the British Library, the University Libraries of Cambridge, Oxford and Trinity College Dublin, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales, the Society of Genealogists (London) and the Scottish Genealogy Society (Edinburgh). A complete set has also been given to the Family History Library of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, and can be ordered on microfilm through any of the LDS (Mormon) Family History Centres around the world. A number of local history libraries hold individual items. At present there is no set of the Newsletter in a library; plans are in hand to rectify this.


BAYLEY, Beatrice, Inc. n.d. [c. 1980]. The Nesbitt family heritage book. Sterling, Pennsylvania: Beatrice Bayley.

Simply consists of lists of names from magazine mailing lists. Very unfavourably reviewed by John Nesbitt in the N/N newsletter II(4): 160.

BLACK, George F. 1946. The surnames of Scotland. New York: New York Public Library.

Page 630 gives a brief account of the origin and different spellings of Nisbet. The book has a long and interesting introduction. See also: P.H. Reaney. 1991. A dictionary of English surnames. London: Routledge. and P. Hanks & F. Hodges. 1988. A dictionary of surnames. Oxford: University Press.

CAIRNS-SMITH-BARTH, John Lawrence. 1995. A biographical dictionary. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 11, 112pp. 2000 biographies of N/Ns worldwide, cross-linked to ancestors, siblings and descendants. Not just names and dates, but locations and biographical details. An essential research tool.

DOWLING, John Nesbitt. 1924. Pedigree of the Nisbet family. Published by the author at 48 Gough Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. [FHL] 1993 reprint: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 4.

Only seen as a poor quality reproduction in the Family History Library, Salt Lake City. Descendants of George Nisbet of Dalzell, Lanarkshire, who married Agnes Hamilton of Broomhill c. 1513. Their descendants went to TallyDonnell and Wilson's fort, Co. Donegal; Dromod and Aghry, Co. Leitrim; Castle Terre and Ballybaise, Co. Cavan. The original of this chart is in very poor condition.

--------------------- 1926. Chart of the descent of the family of Nisbet. Published by the author at 48 Gough Road, Edgebaston, Birmingham. [FHL, Mitchell Library, Glasgow] 1993 reprint: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 5.

Traces descent of the main Nisbet of that Ilk line from Kenneth II, King of the Scots to the 15th century. Should be used in conjunction with the extract from J.N. Dowling's manuscript, "The origin and early history of the Nisbet family", printed as pp. 230-7 in Nisbet of that Ilk.

---------------------- 1934. The origin and early history of the Nisbet family. Mimeographed ms. [not seen]. Part reproduced as pp. 230-237 in R.C. Nesbitt (1941) Nisbet of that Ilk.

NESBIT, Otis B. 1995. Nesbitology. Collected newsletters 1935-1940. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 10, 147pp.

Otis Nesbit (1871-1952), of Gary, Indiana, was an enthusiastic chronicler of N/N family history. He typed up his notes and correspondence as nine mimeographed newsletters between 1935 and 1940. The rare originals have been retyped in a far more legible form, and contain a mass of information in highly readable form, ranging from accounts of Otis' holidays (in themselves good 1930s social history) to correspondence with leading N/N figures such as Robert Nesbitt of Sutton-in- Ashfield, John Nesbitt Dowling, Clarence Nesbitt, A.B. Endicott and many others. Number 8 is a special issue devoted to Otis' own family, the descendants of Mary Berry (1748-1828) and Samuel Nisbet (1754-1814).

NESBITT/NISBET SOCIETY NEWSLETTER: America. Vol. I(1)- 1983-. Australia No. 1- 1986-. UK series Vol. V(8)- 1988-.

Appears quarterly and includes much material of Nesbitt/Nisbet interest.

NESBITT, Mark. 1992. Nesbitt/Nisbet bibliography: books and articles on Nesbitt/Nisbet family history. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 1, 28pp. Superseded by the current publication.

NESBITT, Robert Chancellor. 1941. Nisbet of that Ilk. London: John Murray, 321pp. [BL, EC, LC, NLS, SOG]

A scholarly and highly readable account of the Nisbet/Nesbitt families. While the author focuses on his own line, the Nisbets of that Ilk, of Nisbet House, a vast amount of information on many Nesbitt and Nisbet lines in Scotland, England, Ireland, Sweden and elsewhere is included. The stories of Nisbet House and of the vicissitudes of the family in the Civil War are particularly evocative.

The starting point for anyone interested in the N/N family.

NESBITT, Robert Chancellor. 1994. Nisbet of that Ilk. Reprint of 1941 edition with additional material by R.A.E. Nesbitt of that Ilk. Chichester: Phillimore, xxvii, 322pp.

A handsome reprint with an interesting introduction by Robert Nesbitt of that Ilk, current chief of the Name and Arms of Nesbitt or Nisbet. The frontispiece to the introduction illustrates the family chiefs coat of arms.

NISBET, J.W. 1972. The Nisbets. Scotland's Magazine 68(3): 29-33.

An interesting general survey of the Nisbets.

NISBET, Stanley, James E. Nisbet and Raymond N. Rolinson. 1993. Four short stories of Nisbet. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 3, 33pp.

Stanley Nisbet on 16th & 17th century Nisbets in Scotland; James Nisbet on the Nisbets of Chapelton, Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire; Raymond Rolinson on the Nisbets of Hardhill, and on the 1862 journey of James and Agnes Nisbet from Ayrshire to New Zealand.


ANDERSON, William. 1870. The Scottish nation...and biographical history of the people of Scotland. Vol. III. Edinburgh: Fullarton.

Pages 255-6 give a general account of the family and various distinguished Nisbets.

BAYLEY, T.D.S., and Francis W. S. STEER. 1954-56. The Carre heraldic panel. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 88: 130-136, plates XXXII- XXXIII.

Scholarly account of the Carre panel, rescued by Robert Chancellor Nesbitt from a village near Nisbet House. The authors suggest the panel was a funeral hatchment prepared for the funeral of Margaret Wauchop, who died in 1709 and was buried at "Nesbit Chapel", presumably the burial vault at Nisbet House.

BINNEY, Marcus. 1991. Heap of the week: Archerfield House. The duke's home that died of neglect. The Times (London), Saturday 21 December.

Short illustrated article on the present state of the house, once owned by the Nisbets of Dirleton.

BUNYAN, Stephen. 1989. Mary Nisbet Hamilton Ferguson, Countess of Elgin. Pp. 20-30 in Dirleton Local History Group, Collected Essays 1989. [NLS]

A good, short account based on secondary sources, of the life of Mary Nisbet (of Dirleton), 1777-1855. Superseded by Bunyan 1995.

BUNYAN, Stephen. 1995. Two ladies of Dirleton. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 9, 28pp.

Biographies of two leading figures of the Dirleton Nisbet family, Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin; and M.G. Constance Nisbet Hamilton Ogilvy.

BURNETT, Charles J. 1986. Funeral heraldry in Scotland with particular reference to hatchments. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 116: 473-559.

Pages 552-3: the Carre hatchment from Nisbet House.

BUXBAUM, Tim. 1987. Scottish Doocots. Princes Risborough: Shire.

Page 14: Photograph of the Nisbet dovecote.

CANT, Malcolm. 1986. Villages of Edinburgh, volume 1. Edinburgh: John Donald, 239pp.

Pages 84-87: a handy illustrated account of Dean House; pp. 195-99: Craigentinny House.

CARMICHAEL, C.H.E. 1884. Nisbet of that Ilk. Notes and Queries, Sixth Series, 9: 483-484.

Collects miscellaneous references to Nisbets, mainly of that Ilk.

CLOUSTON, J.S. 1918-1919. Some further early Orkney armorials. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 53: 180-195.

Pp. 190-191: "In the floor of the Birsay Parish Church is a stone with an illegible inscription and a very rude coat of impaled arms. The date 1645 and the letters NN are at the foot, and as these initials at once suggest the family of Nisbet of Swannay in Birsay parish, whose armorial seal I have found on a later seventeenth century letter, it is probable that three objects like socks with the feet uppermost, in the dexter coat, are intended for boars' heads, and certain ambiguous lines between them for a chevron. The sinister half of the shield is blank."

CORNFORTH, John. 1977. Inveresk, Midlothian. Country Life 162(4178): 210-213.

[DEAN]. c. 1945. The Dean Cemetery. Privately published. [EC]

Useful account of the House and cemetery.

DOUGLAS, William. 1929. The owners of Dirleton. History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club 27(1): 75-92.

Pages 90-92 give an account of the Nisbets of Dirleton (largely superceded by Nisbet of that Ilk, but still useful for the previous owners of the castle).

EDWARDS, Brian. 1992. Dilemmas of a green architect. James Nisbet Street, Glasgow. Housing Review 41(2): 34-35. Refurbishing 1950s Scottish public housing in Roystonhill along energy efficient guidelines. Renovation architects: Assist Architects. FAULDS, Norman L. The book that Scotland lost. Scots Magazine Vol. 250. [Full reference unknown]

The story of Murdoch Nisbet's translation of the New Testament into Scots.

FENWICK, Hubert. 1986. Scottish baronial houses. London: Robert Hale.

Pages 202-203: good photograph of Nisbet House.

FERGUSSON, James. 1949. Lowland Lairds. London: Faber and Faber, 188pp.

Chapter 4, "Herald and historian: Alexander Nisbet", pages 52-62.

[FERGUSSON, R. 1807.] The trial of R. Fergusson, Esq. for Crim. Con. with the Rt Hon. Lady Elgin, before R. Birchall, Esq. Under Sheriff, In the Sheriffs' Court, Tuesday, Dec. 22. 1807. ś10,000 damages. With a biographical sketch of the life of Lady Elgin. London: printed for the booksellers, by Tim. Marshall, 42pp. [NLS]

A contemporary account of Lord Elgin's case against Robert Fergusson for seducing Lady Elgin (Mary Nisbet).

GIFFORD, John, Colin McWilliam & David Walker. 1984. Edinburgh. London: Penguin, Buildings of Scotland series.

Page 217: Nisbet of Dirleton's House; p. 583: The Drum; p. 662: Craigentinny House.

GLADSTONE, Robert. 1918-1919. The authorship of the second volume of "Nisbet's Heraldry". Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society, Third Series, 6: 192-97.

Suggests that the antiquarian Walter MacFarlan was the author of Volume II of Alexander Nisbet's System of Heraldry.

GOW, Ian. 1991. Sparkle restored. Country Life 185(33): 64-5.

On the restoration, by Alan & Patrea More Nisbett, of the William Adam staircase at The Drum.

GRANT, James. 1882. Cassell's old and new Edinburgh. London: Cassell, Petter & Galpin, 384pp.

Pages 10-12: illustrated history of Nisbet of Dirleton's House, Canongate; pp. 65- 67: illustrated account of Dean House. 136-142. These accounts appear only in the original periodical publication; the subsequent book of the same title seems to have been compressed, losing these parts.

HOWIE, John. 1870. The Scots worthies: their lives and testimonies. Edited by W.H. Carslaw. Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier. [Many editions from 1775, as "Biographia Scotiana"]

Pages 494-507: a long account of the life of John Nisbet of Hardhill, 1627-85, covenanter.

INGLIS, John Alexander. 1914. The family of Inglis of Auchindinny and Redhall. Edinburgh: T. and A. Constable, 236pp. [BL, EC, LC, NLS]

Pages 194-206: the Nisbets of Carfin.

----------------------- 1916. The Nisbets of Carfin. Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, Fifth Series, 2: 44-52.

Detailed account of the Carfin (Lanarkshire) Nisbets from 1633-1916.

JONES, W.G. 1935. Notes on the Nisbet family of Southbroom House, Devizes. Typescript, 6pp. [FHL]

Of the Carfin line: see Nisbet of that Ilk, p. 187.

KELSALL, Helen and James Kelsall. 1990. An album of Scottish families 1694-96. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 158pp.

Part of the diary of George Home (1660-1705), of Marchmont House. Frequent encounters with Carre of Cavers, the then occupant of Nisbet House. Much light on border life.

LAW, Thomas G. 1901-03. The New Testament in Scots. Volumes I-III. Edinburgh: Scottish Text Society. [NLS]

The translation by Murdoch Nisbet.

LORIMER, George. 1915. The early days of St Cuthbert's church, Edinburgh. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 222pp. [BL, EC, NLS]

Pages 7-11 give an amusing account of the construction of Henry Nisbet of Dean's tomb in the churchyard; pp.188-200 concerns the legal dispute between Sir Patrick Nisbet of Dean and the church over some poor funds.

MacGIBBON, David and Thomas Ross. 1892. The castellated and domestic architecture of Scotland from the twelfth to the eighteenth centuries. Edinburgh.

Volume 4: 340-42 "Nesbit Castle" [i.e. Nisbet House]. A standard, well-illustrated account.

MacKENZIE, Sir George and Sir John Nisbet. 1689. A memorial for...the Prince of Orange... [NLS]

MAXWELL-IRVING, Alastair M.T. 1970-71. Early firearms and their influence on the military and domestic architecture of the Borders. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 101: 192-224.

P. 220: Discusses Nisbet House as an outstanding example of a house built to the old traditions of extensive fortification; "the most spectacular array of splayed shot-holes in the Borders". Plate 27 shows one of these shot-holes at Nisbet House.

MILLER, Charles. 1857. Magdalene Nisbet. The Maiden of the Merse. A tale of the persecution of Charles the Second's time. Edinburgh: T. Grant, 224pp. [NLS]

MITCHELL, J.O. 1891. Sir Philip Nisbet. Glasgow: Glasgow Herald, 8pp.

A small booklet reprinted from the Glasgow Herald of 25 July 1891. Copy in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Sir Philip was executed in Glasgow in 1645, after being captured at the battle of Philiphaugh.

[MORE NISBETT] of The Drum and Cairnhill. Burke's Landed Gentry 1972: 681; also as Nisbett of Cairnhill: Burke's Landed Gentry 1858: 861; 1900: 1175.

MUIR, John. 1897. Thomas Nisbet, the last of the basket-makers. Glasgow: privately printed.

Tom Nisbet was a basket-maker in Ayrshire. This memoir was written by his grandson.

[NISBET of Dirleton]. Burke's Landed Gentry 1858: 861.

NISBET, Alexander. 1702. An essay on additional figures and marks of cadency. Edinburgh: John Reid, 276pp. [BL, NLS]

See ROSS and Grant (1892) for the full and fascinating story behind Alexander Nisbet ("the Herald)'s life and works.

------------------ 1718. An essay on the ancient and modern use of armories. Edinburgh: James Mack Euen, 224pp. [BL, NLS]

------------------ n.d. (c. 1718). Proposals for printing an essay of the ancient and modern use of armories. One leaf. [Ross and Grant 1892: xxxi] [NLS]

------------------ 1722. A system of heraldry, speculative and practical, with the true art of Blazon. Edinburgh: J. Mack Euen, 451pp. [BL, NLS]

------------------ n.d. (c. 1723). Proposals for printing by subscription a supplement and appendix to the System of Heraldry, speculative and practical. 2pp. [NLS] [Ross & Grant 1892]

------------------ 1742. A system of heraldry, speculative and practical, with the true art of Blazon. Volume II. Edinburgh: R. Fleming. [BL, NLS]

------------------ 1804. A system of heraldry, speculative and practical, with the true art of Blazon. Two volumes. Second Edition. Edinburgh: Alex. Lawrie. [BL, NLS]

------------------ 1816. A system of heraldry, speculative and practical, with the true art of Blazon. Two volumes. Edinburgh: W. Blackwood. [EC]

[NISBET, Rev. Alexander, Minister of the Secession Church, Portsburgh.] Smart, John. 1832. The death of ministers illustrated and improved: two discourses, preached in Portsburgh church, 23rd Sept., 1832...after the funeral of the Rev. Alexander Nisbet. [EC, NLS]

NISBET, Rev. Alexander. 1835. Remains: consisting of essays, lectures and sermons; With a memoir of his life, by the Rev. John Taylor, M.D., Auchtermuchty. Edinburgh. [BL, NLS]

NISBET, Andrew. 1994. Nesbitt/Nisbet families in Scotland pre-1855. Volume 1. Lothians and Lanarkshire. Extracted and collated from the Old Parish Registers. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 6, 116pp.

Birth and marriage records in the Old Parish Registers (OPR) of Scotland have been collated by family groups. Covers from the 16th century to the 1850s. The three volumes are an essential research tool for anyone researching Scottish ancestry.

NISBET, Andrew. 1994. Nesbitt/Nisbet families in Scotland pre-1855. Volume 2. Lowland counties. Extracted and collated from the Old Parish Registers. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 7, 88pp.

NISBET, Andrew. 1994. Nesbitt/Nisbet families in Scotland pre-1855. Volume 3. Northern counties. Cumulative index to marriages. Extracted and collated from the Old Parish Registers. Cambridge: Nesbitt/Nisbet Society (United Kingdom), Publication 8, 81pp.

[NISBET, Charles D.D.] 1805. Monody to the memory of the Rev. Dr. Charles Nisbet, etc. By Charles Keith. Edinburgh. [BL, NLS]

NISBET, James, Publisher. 1867. Lessons from the life of the late James Nisbet. By the Rev. J.A. Wallace. [BL, NLS]

NISBET, James (of Hardhill, Ayrshire). 1827. Private life of the persecuted, or memoirs of the first years of James Nisbet, one of the Scottish Covenanters. Edinburgh: Oliphant, 288pp. [BL, NLS]

Diary of James Nisbet, son of John Nisbet, Covenanter.

------------------------------------- 1718. A true relation of the life and sufferings of John Nisbet in Hardhill, his last testimony to the truth, with a short account of his last words on the scaffold. Dec. 4, 1685. Edinburgh: R. Brown, 24pp. [BL, NLS]

Autobiography of the Covenanter.

[NISBET, John. 1722]. The last testimony of John Neisbit...who suffered at the Cross of Kilmarnock upon the 14th day of April, 1683, for adhereing the cause, and interest of the Gospel, etc. Glasgow: J. Duncan, 15pp. [NLS]

NISBET, Sir John, (Lord Dirleton). 1621. An explanation of the Act of Parliament 1621 against bankrupts. Edinburgh. [NLS]

---------------- 1698. Some doubts and questions in the law, especially of Scotland. Edinburgh: G. Mosiman. [BL, NLS]

---------------- 1690. A catalogue of...books, to be sold by way of auction the 24th. day of July, which was the library of the late Lord Dirleton, etc. Edinburgh: G. Mosman, 18pp. [NLS]

NISBET, Sir John. ?1690. Joannes Nisbetus Eques, agri Dirlitonii quondam Dominus, Gulielmo Nisbeto adolescenti, s. 4pp. [BL, NLS]

A letter in latin verse, on how to achieve lasting fame and fortune, purporting to be written by J. Nisbet from the Elysian fields.

NISBET, W. 1780. Poems; chiefly composed from recent events. Edinburgh, 130pp. [BL]

[NISBET, William. 1724.] An elegy to the...memory, and upon the...death...of William Nisbet of Dirletoun. Obiit 20. October 1724, aetatis 60. Edinburgh. [NLS]

[NISBET, William. 1724.] Alexander Pennecuik. The shepherds tears: a pastoral sacred to the memory of...William Nisbet of Dirleton...who died October 20th 1724. Edinburgh. [NLS]

NISBET HAMILTON GRANT, John Patrick. 1926. The letters of Mary Nisbet of Dirleton, Countess of Elgin. London: John Murray, 358pp. [BL, NLS]

The letters (1799-1805) of Mary Nisbet, wife of Thomas, 7th Earl of Elgin, to her mother, describing travels in Europe and Turkey. NISBETT, Hamilton More. 1928. Drum of the Somervilles. Edinburgh: William Brown, 34pp. 250 copies printed. [BL, NLS]

An attractive small book about The Drum, seat of the Somervilles since at least 1406. The William Adam house was eventually purchased in 1862 by John More Nisbet, of Cairnhill.

---------------------- and Stair Carnegie Agnew. 1949. Cairnhill. Edinburgh: Moray Press, 215pp. [BL, LC, NLS, SOG]

An entertaining history of the More Nisbetts and their house. George Nisbett married Margaret More of Cairnhill in 1753 and built a classical style house there in 1762 (demolished for a Victorian design in 1843).

NISBETT, Robert Vivian. 1990. The progression of a branch of the Dirleton Nisbets to Australia. A monograph. Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia, 19pp. [EC, SOG]

Traces the descent of the Australian Nisbetts from the marriage of John Nisbet, b. 1693, (Dirleton line) and Rachel Mason.

PAUL, James Balfour. 1900. Heraldry in relation to Scottish history and art. Edinburgh: Douglas, 231pp.

Pages 104-9: on the importance of Alexander Nisbet the Herald.

PITCAIRN, Robert. 1831. Communication relative to a remarkable number of horse- shoes found on the farm of West Nisbet, in the County of Berwick; supposed to be indicative of the site of the battle of Nisbet Muir, AD 1355. Archaeologia Scotica 3.

ROSS, Andrew (Marchmont Herald). 1893. The Nisbet family - McDouall of Logan. Scottish Antiquary 7: 180-182.

Translation of 15th century latin charter recording the sale of the lands of Raecluch from Patrick Macdowale to Philip of Nesbyt.

ROSS, Andrew and Francis J. Grant (editors). 1892. Alexander Nisbet's heraldic plates originally intended for his "System of Heraldry". Edinburgh: George Waterston, 192pp. [EC, FHL, LC]

The book is in two parts: pp. ix-lx give the story of Alexander Nisbet, the Herald, his family and related Nisbet branches. There is much interesting detail on the Herald's struggles for publication, Nisbet House, and the early history of the Nisbets.

The second part is a collection of engraved plates of armorial bearings, found in the library of William Eliot Lockhart of Cleghorn. They seem to have been executed between 1695 and 1704, prepared for a work by Alexander Nisbet which never appeared. There are 67 plates of distinguished Scottish families, and 14 of cadencies. Each plate is annotated with the genealogy of the family concerned.

ROYAL COMMISSION on the Ancient and Historical Monuments and Constructions of Scotland. 1915. Sixth report and inventory of monuments in the county of Berwick. Revised Issue. Edinburgh: Neill.

Pages 82-85 give detailed descriptions and photos of Nisbet House and the burial vault there.

----------------- 1951. An inventory of the ancient and historical monuments of the City of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: HMSO.

Pp. 162-3, Nisbet of Dirleton's House (82 Canongate); 241-3 describe carved stones from the House of Dean to be found in the Dean Cemetery; 261-2, Craigentinny House, Restalrig.

SMITH, James. 1939. The story of Craigentinny. Twenty-Second Volume of the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club: 201-260.

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See also:

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HISTORY OF PARLIAMENT Gives useful short biographies of Members of Parliament. References are to the volume in which the biography appears.

NESBITT, Albert (d. 1753) 1715-1754. Vol. II. NESBITT, Arnold (c.1721-79) 1715-1754. Vol. II. 1754-1790. Vol. III. NESBITT, John (c.1745-1817) 1754-1790. Vol. III. NISBET, William (1747-1822) 1754-1790. Vol. III. 1790-1820. Vol. IV.

WHO WAS WHO A compilation of the short biographies from the British publication "Who's Who", arranged by the decade in which the subject died. Available in all reference libraries. A cumulated index (1897-1990) has recently appeared.

BEAUMONT-NESBITT, Maj.-Gen. Frederick George. NESBIT, E, (Mrs Hubert Bland), 1858-1924. NESBIT, Paris, 1852-1927. NESBITT, Rev. Allen James, d.1918. NESBITT, Cathleen Mary, 1888-1982. NESBITT, Major Randolph Cosby, 1867-1956. NESBITT, Lt-Col Richard Atholl, 1838-1905. NESBITT, Robert Chancellor, 1868-1944. NESBITT, Hon. Wallace, 1858-1930. NESBITT-HAWES, Sir Ronald, 1895-1969. NISBET, Brig.-Gen. Francis Courtenay, 1869-1953. NISBET, Hugh Bryan, 1902-1969. NISBET, Hume, b. 1849. NISBET, James Wilkie, 1903-1974. NISBET, John, 1853-1914. NISBET, John Ferguson, 1851-1899. NISBET, Rev. Matthew Alexander, 1838-1919. NISBET, Noel L., 1887-1956. NISBET, Pollok Sinclair, b. 1848. NISBET, Robert Buchan, 1857-1942. NISBET, Col. Robert Parry, 1839-1916. NISBET, Col. Thomas, 1882-1956. NISBET-HAMILTON OGILVY, Mrs., d. 1920. NISBETT, Lt-Col George Dalrymple More, 1850-1922. NISBETT, George Hinde, 1866-1940.


Name Year Page NISBET, Alexander, of Northfield, Scotland 1758 452 NISBETT, Sir Alexander, Bart., of South Carolina 1754 48 NESBITT, Ensign, at Tournay 1745 249 NESBIT, Mrs, wife of Dr 1758 452 NESBIT, Rev. Mr., Curate of Howick, Northumberland 1760 346 NESBITT, Dr., Fellow of College of Physicians 1761 284 NESBITT, Lady, relict of Sir John, Bart. of Edinburgh 1768 303 NESBIT, Lieutenant-Colonel, at Quebec. 1776 579 NESBIT, Albert 1753 52 NESBITT, Albert, in Aldermanbury 1776 142 NESBITT, Arnold. 1779 215


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Describes a new variety of black grape, named in memory of the late Dr. William B. Nesbitt and released by the North Carolina Agricultural Research Service.

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